CAD/CAM Technology

Procera® Forte adds another dimension to custom restorations

• Scans Full Arch Procera® Implant Bridges
• Precise scanner for Procera® Bridge design
• Scanning Precision in Combination with Well Proven Production Technology Results in Excellent Marginal Fit

Zirconia NobelProcera®

Sirona Cerec MC inLab milling offers a broad range of restorations.

• High Quality Materials for All Ceramic Indications
• Capable of Handling Restorations Consisting of up to 12 Units
• Flexible Fabrication of Semi-Arch and Full-Arch Models

Sirona Cerec MC inLab

BruxZir® Solid Zirconia is an esthetic alternative to PFM metal.

• Very Strong at +1000 MPa
• Strength Allows More Shallow Tooth Preparation and Feather Edge Margins
• Can Serve Well in Heavy Occlusion Cases Where Other Materials Fail