Sending A Case to Nova DenTech Inc

Nova DenTech Inc employs a reliable and friendly team of logistical representatives so we are able to offer a familiar local pickup service to our clients in the Greater Toronto Area, as well as offering our out-of-town clients a pre-paid next day service through ICS Courier

If you are interested in sending your first case to Nova DenTech Inc, please contact one of our friendly client service team representatives at 416 698 2814 or 1 (800) 268 4460


Nova DenTech Inc. offers local pickups within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Monday through Friday between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm, as well as a Saturday pickup service between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm.

Sameday denture repair service is available if arranged before 10:30 am Monday through Friday (some restrictions apply, before sending a sameday repair we urge you to speak with our knowledgable technical staff)

416 698 2814

416 233 1481

Saturday Service
416 984 1135

ICS Courier
1 (800) 427 8729

Martin March
Senior Logistics Representative
Etobicoke - Oakville

David Lee
Senior Logistics Representative
Downtown Toronto - Beaches

Linda Middleton
Junior Logistics Representative
Scarborough - Oshawa

Charlie Hamilton
PT Logistic Representative
Downtown Core

Packing Your Case

In preparing your case for shipment or local pick-up, we encourage you to follow our guidelines listed below

Wet Impressions: wrap your alignates in damp paper towel and seal them in a plastic bag

Photos: seal all photographs in a plastic bag to protect them

Articulators: wrap the articulators in bubble wrap or other packing material to ensure safe transit

Packing the Box: please ensure to tightly pack all parts carefully to avoid shifting in transit that will damage the case

Be sure to enclose a completed prescription with the doctor's name, address and phone number and the patients name. Be sure to close the box completely.

If you require a downloadable copy of our RX sheet, you can download it here.

If you are thinking of sending your first case to Nova DenTech Inc, you can get get started here.