Mission and Vision

The mission of Nova DenTech Inc (NTI) is to consolidate the laboratory industry in North America so as to be able to compete with other global markets. NTI’s mission is to become the market leader in quality through the integration of craftsmanship with state-of-art manufacturing processes. Customer service and the delivery of products will be personalized regardless of location through the implementation of advanced supply chain management systems.

NTI’s vision is to bring consolidation to a very fragmented sector, to attract the best talent and to implement best practices in technology, distribution and management which when combined with better economies of scale, will bring improved products and services to our dentists.

Our vision is to ensure that Canada is the head quarters for one of the best medical device manufacturing facilitied in North America

Company Values

To fulfill our purpose and achieve our vision, we abide by the enduring values that are the foundation of our business.

• Customer Focus
• Respect for People and Diversity
• Innovation
• Integrity
• Performance
• Leadership
• Quality