Nova DenTech Inc [NTI]

Welcome to Nova DenTech

Nova DenTech [NTI] is a manufacturer of all types of removable and fixed dental prosthetics; we are a full service laboratory able to meet all of your product needs. 

In 2011, we acquired C&B Dental Laboratories which had been in business for over forty years. Since then we have acquired DensTek Dental Studio (2012), Golden Fingers Dental Lab (2014), and Mandarin Dental Laboratory Inc (2014) and others to follow. We employ a staff of twenty-six. Each of our technicans have over fifteen years of experience and our site managers/RDT have over thirty-five years of experience.

NTI's vision is to produce for you top of the line products at reasonable mid-range prices. To achieve this goal we provide a combination of craftsman like expertise while at the same time as providing the advantages of CAD/CAM designed products. Our technicians can promise you consistent quality standards and you will find our friendly and knowledgeable customer support staff to be attentive to your questions. 

This is a time of unprecedented change brought about by CAD/CAM, digital and 3D print technologies. NTI's mission is to compete in a global marketplace by building in Canada a centralized state of the art manufacturing facility. Our mission is to consolidate our acquired dental laboratories and to grow through direct client referrals. 

NTI is unique since it not only employs an experienced technical staff but also relies on a team of experienced advisors who are licensed dentists and/or licensed health care professionals. This allows our clinical and scientific advisory board is able to evaluate our products in the context of known clinical needs and evidence based research. 

Consquently, we are able to offer our family of clients a Research and Development department who has the experience and knowledge to recommend the best evidence based products and materials for your dental practice. 

We believe it's all about patient satisfaction. 


NTI is also able to provide unique value to our clients because its shareholders who serve as business advisors to the executives of NTI have backgrounds not only in Health Care but also in Dentistry. NTI’s shareholder/advisors provide clinical value towards the products and services selected for the our clients